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Please see details below about ordering samples and wallpaper. 

Tania J. wallpapers are printed by two different methods and all papers are indicated.


Wallpapers printed by hand using a screen printing method by Tania J.

  • FSC paper is used with water-based ink and is Fire Safety Standard. 

  • Water-based ink is prepared for printing and screen and paper are set up.  

  • Sustainable paper registered as FSC compliant (Forest Stewardship Council) with a clay coating is prepared. 

  • A vacuum table is used to ensure a proper print. 

  • Two printmakers stand on either side of the table and together place the screen into the paper to print.

  • Screen printing ink is poured into the well of the screen.

  • The printers pull-down on a squeegee to apply even pressure, and the ink pattern is transferred from the screen onto the wallpaper.

  • The paper is then moved to the next registration mark, and in this way, the wallpaper is printed in its entire length.

  • The wallpaper is allowed to cure, then the next colours as needed are printed onto the wallpaper in the same way.

  • The wallpaper is allowed to cure and dry fully before being inspected, rolled up, and labelled as a unique dye lot.


Tania J. digital print using modern equipment.  

  • FSC paper is used with water-based sustainable ink and meets Fire Safety Standard Regulations. This paper may be eligible for LEEDS certification.

  • These papers are manufactured in a Canadian facility that is dedicated to quality environmental wallpaper manufacturing. 

© 2020 by  Tania J. 

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